Buffet Options

Option 1 - £3.99 

White and brown cut sandwiches and/or wraps with a selection of fillings 
Option 2 - £8.99 Tapas 

Vegetable Spring Rolls (Vg)

Breaded Green Jalapenos Cream Cheese Peppers (VG)

Beer Battered Onion Rings (VG) (vgn)

Breaded Halloumi Sticks (VG)

Crispy Breaded Mushrooms (VG)

BBQ Chicken Wings

Breaded Brie Wedges (Vg)

Battered Blazing Shrimp

Sweet Potato Fries (VG) (VGN)

Option  3 - £7.99 
White and brown cut sandwiches and/ or wraps with a selection of fillings. Home baked pastries to include: quiche, mince pies, corned beef pies, sausage rolls, pork pies and filled vol au vents. Veggie tray and dips, pizza, coleslaw, pasta and potato salad. Crisps and pickles. 
Option 4 - £9.99 Hot Buffet 
Choose from Lasagne, garlic bread and salad. Chicken curry, basmati rice and naan bread. Chilli con carne, basmati rice, garlic bread and salad. Mince and dumplings with mixed vegetables 
Option 5 - £7.99 Pie and Pea Supper 
Served with mushy peas, homecut chips and real gravy 
Option 6 - £8.99 Afternoon Tea 
White and brown cut sandwiches and/or wraps with a selection of fillings. Homemade scones, fresh cream cakes, gateaux and cheesecakes. Includes teas and coffees 
Option 7 - £3.95 Desserts 
A selection of Fresh fruit salad and pouring cream

Drinks Packages

Option 1 - £3.95 per person tea/ coffee and biscuits

Option 2 - £3.95 per bottle of still/ sparkling Harrogate mineral water

Option 3 - £5.95 per jug of fresh juice

Option 4 - Prosecco £3.95 per 125ml glass

Option 5 - House Wine £3.75 per 125ml glass

Option 6 - Gin Tree £20 each serves 4 double gin and tonics

Option 7 - Sherry/ Whisky £3.75 per 50ml measure